Tovi Version 2 - All the funky bits!

Feb 8, 2022 | By John Scotcher
Tovi has been upgraded! All the new features explained here.

Since January, the second version of Tovi – cunningly called Tovi version 2 has been the production version of the system.  To update you, this blog is to briefly run through the funky new features and why they are useful to you. Not only can Tovi do more now, it can also talk to all your other online systems like your accounts package, your CRM, your social media and your email newsletter system – more of which at the end of this video.

Firstly, in response to our existing and growing user base we’ve implemented a host of small tweaks  - additional ways to filter your students and your courses, an alternative off the shelf layout for courses that can be changed on the fly from within the course window and more.

In addition, the needs of our user base have generated a whole new way to assess students on a course – live tutorial. Now, you can hook up any module with your booking system, such as Calendly and request the student book into either a 121 tutorial or group workshop with the course tutor . The tutor can then host that in Zoom, teams or even in person, and once done return to the system to manually assess the student to the next module.   With the addition of this assessment method, it’s possible to create truly hybrid learning experiences mixing pre-recorded modules, remote assessments and live interaction. 

To complement this, it’s now possible to duplicate courses along with all resources assessments and assignments.  Perhaps you are asking ‘why would you want to?’.  Well to give you a couple of use case scenarios.  After a course has been taken a few times, and feedback received, perhaps the owner wants to make changes , add/edit or remove modules and so forth.  Doing that on a live course would disorient existing students midway through and even confuse their progress.  By duplicating the course and making the edits there, one is able to create a brand-new version.  And by using another new feature, course archiving, the course creator can make the new version live to purchase for new students whilst allowing students on the legacy course to complete it and continue to access it from their own member home page.

Another use case for duplication of courses is to capitalise on one’s content.   Imagine, you’ve created a totally remote course with no tutor involvement as you base.  Then why not create a premium version of the same course by duplicating it and adding another module with a live 121 assessment.  No prospective students can just take the remote course or pay extra to get an hour of your valuable time and personalised expertise too. 
I’ve also been listening to the ways people work with their students.  For those educators that prioritise the live zoom workshop as their favourite way to teach, but want to have an easy place students can re-watch and download resources, I’ve created a new course type – the repository course.  This course type is entirely non-assessed.  It means that, for example, week on week, after a live session, one can hook up the recording of the session, upload all the resources mentioned in the session and allow students go back in, rewatch and access anytime they want.

And there are those Tovi owners that want to run subscription systems.  Rather than having a student browse courses, buy a course and start to learn, they want students to subscribe  and get access to any existing course and new ones as they drop.  To that end, I’ve introduced the ‘subscription’ student.  Students in the subscription group are automatically enrolled on any existing or new course that is set as available to subscribers, without the site owner having to do any manual adding.

The last of the major new features is designed to help you use Tovi within the ecosystem of your other online tools. Tovi can now output data to Zapier, the website integration system. From Zapier you can pull data across into over 3000 other web apps. So, do you want new students that have ticked yes to automatically populate into your mail chimp newsletter? Do you want each new order to automatically create a transaction in your Xero accounts? Do you want to automatically congratulate a student as soon as they pass on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and so on. Well Tovi now has the capability to push the data anywhere within the confines of the users permissions, of course. It’s simply a case of discussing with me which events on Tovi should trigger a push into one of your other systems.

So, if you are already using Tovi, the good news is you’re automatically upgraded to this new version. And if you are not, now is a great time to have a 121 with me and see how E-learning can help your business. Thanks for watching – see you in the next one.

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